Ex-Ghana and Bayern Munich defender Sammy Kuffour has revealed how the renowned Archbishop Duncan Williams of the Action Chapel prophesied the birth of his sons after the tragic loss of his daughter Godiva in a drowning incident in January 2003.

Kuffour said in an archived interview with Erasmus Kwaw, set to air on LifeStyle TV’s Heart and Soul programme, that he initially doubted the prophecy by the man of God because he was not in the right frame of mind at the time.

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“Archbishop Duncan Williams said something to me. He said you know what Sammy, God told me to tell you are going to have two boys,” Kuffour said.

“And I doubted him because at that time I was not in my right senses. I had just lost my daughter and I was mourning and you come and tell me I am going to have two children, two boys, and I doubted.

But he added that the said prophecy came to pass ten months later.

“But it became a reality. After exactly ten months, I had a baby, a boy, and I named him after me. And exactly after a year, I got another boy. I believe God was working.”

The tragic passing of Kuffour’s daughter became both a national and international news and event at the time. Kuffour was a major force to reckon with at German giants Bayern Munich who had recovered from the 1999 Champions League collapse against Manchester United to win the trophy in 2001.

But the incident was also one of the low points in the life of the defensive stalwart who reckons he found joy and peace afterward.

“If I talk about the death of my daughter, I feel a lot of peace inside of me because she was so special. She came in as an angel and left as an angel.”

“She opened a lot of doors for me. And I remember when she died, amazing things happened. Bayern Munich gave me a private jet to pack at the Kotoka International Airport for one week and finish everything I had to do before going back with the private jet.

“I got to know a lot of people in the world. A lot of Presidents. They just sent me mail and letters (to express their condolences) and I still have contact with them and so on. SoI mean, it’s a privilege. For me, I believe his time is the best in my life and he is going to do it for me.”

The 2006 FIFA World Cup participant made his first public declaration to become a Pastor on the BBC World Service during an interview in 2003 following the tragic loss of his daughter.

Asked if he still harbours the ambition to become a Pastor, Kuffour insisted that God’s time is the best.

“God’s time is the best. For me, what He has done for me, there is nothing I can do to pay him back. I can’t give God money. I can’t give him anything. But the only thing I can do for him is to win souls for him. For me, being a man of God, a lot of people will change their lives,” Kuffour told show host Erasmus Kwaw in the interview.


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