Renowned international evangelist Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh claims God is not interested in who wins a football match on LifeStyle TV’s Heart and Soul programme which airs on Saturdays at 11:00 am. 

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God does not care who wins a football match – Rev Dr. Lawrence Tetteh – YouTube

Dr. Tetteh told show host Erasmus Kwaw, “God cares about you, me, cares about the goalkeeper, the forward, the players and cares about the teams that are playing. And he cares about the relationship that football brings but not who wins. 

The Founder of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, added, “If who wins matters to God, then God will be partial. God is not partial. That is why it is good that the best side wins.”

The developments come after Heart and Soul heard alarming accounts from a former Minister of Youth and Sports Hon. Nii Lantey Vanderpuye about how he was made to sleep at the cemetery, bathed in water used on dead bodies, and swallowed certain objects during his colts football days.

Former Ghana U-17 captain Emmanuel Bentil claimed to have seen maame water spirit (marine spirit) at the Korle Gonnor beach during his colt football days. Former Black Stars players Rev. Awuley Quaye Jnr., Rev. Osei Kofi, and Godfried Aduobe equally confessed to using juju to aid their careers before eventually committing their lives to Jesus Christ. 

Rev. Tetteh continued by saying, “Many years ago I was an international relations student, I wrote an article that God is not a Tory or a democrat. God is not NDC and certainly not NPP. God is not CPP. God does not worry himself about who wins the elections. That is why I get very sad when certain Pastors and Christian leaders get so concerned about who wins this or that.”

Meanwhile, a video clip of the testimony by a former Black Stars player Godfried Aduobe was played during the Heart and Soul programme. The former German and Switzerland-based player recounted how and why he stopped using juju in his career after an encounter with Archbishop Charles Agyingasare in Madina. 

“I came down for holidays and went to church. It was at the Word Miracle Church, Madina branch. He(Agyinasare) preached and did an altar call. The topic of the word was “we all know the works of God but nobody knows the ways of God.” So everything started coming back to me from my injury in the Black Starlet 1995 team to the things I was experiencing then. I asked myself whether those are the ways of God? So I decided to give my life to Jesus Christ and went forward.”

Heart and Soul explores the role of the supernatural in sports on Saturdays at 11:00 am and is also replayed on Fridays at 3:30 pm on LifeStyle TV. The show is hosted by Ghana’s two-time Press Attaché at the Olympic Games, Erasmus Kwaw.


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