Liquid Sports Ghana, organisers of the annual Liquid Sports Ghana Awards, has released its long list of nominees for the third edition of the awards to be held at the plush Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City on Saturday, 9th June, 2018.
The 3rd Liquid Sports Ghana Awards which is sponsored by Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City, Rokmer Pharma Ltd and the Indian Women’s Association of Ghana will recognise and reward athletes, individuals and organisations for their contributions to sports.

Below is the full list:

Janet Amponsah 11.32s 13-May 1131pts
Flings Owusu-Agyapong 11.36s 13-May 1123pts
Persis William-Mensah 11.57s 1-Apr Personal Best 1079pts
Hor Halutie 11.57s 15-Apr Personal Best 1079pts
Gemma Acheampong 11.62s 18-Mar/8-Apr 1068pts
Suzie Acolatse 11.65s 15-Apr 1062pts
Ida Mensah 11.66s 15-Apr Personal Best 1060pts
Dorcas Gyimah 11.68s 18-Mar Personal Best 1056pts
Sandra Asibuo 11.75s 15-Apr Personal Best 1042pts
Juanita Mainoo 11.79s 28-Apr Personal Best 1034pts
Happy Abruyah 11.85s 18-Feb Personal Best 1021pts
Cecilia Ahinyo 11.89s 15-Apr Personal Best 1013pts
Flings Owusu-Agyapong 11.27s (2.9 m/s) 22-Apr
Persis William-Mensah 11.41s (2.8 m/s) 13-Apr
Safia Bright 11.45s (3.6 m/s) 27-Apr
Suzie Acolatse 11.52s (3.7 m/s) 25-May
Juanita Mainoo 11.58s (3.0 m/s) 13-May
Akua Obeng-Akrofi 11.85s (2.2 m/s) 8-Apr
Hor Halutie 11.4s 18-Mar
Sandra Asibuo 11.6s 18-Mar
Dorcas Gyimah 11.6s 18-Mar
Latifa Ali 11.6s 18-Mar
Cecilia Ahinyo 11.6s 18-Mar
Happy Abruyah 11.7s 18-Mar

Janet Amponsah 22.90s 14-May Personal Best 1145pts
Akua Obeng-Akrofi 23.26s 27-May Personal Best 1108pts
Gemma Acheampong 23.59s 18-Mar Personal Best 1076pts
Juanita Mainoo 23.64s 25-Mar Personal Best 1071pts
Josephine Anokye 24.01s 8-Apr Personal Best 1035pts
Suzie Acolatse 24.03s 15-Apr 1033pts
Safia Bright 24.08s 18-Feb Personal Best 1028pts
Flings Owusu-Agyapong 24.12s 25-May 1024pts
Persis William-Mensah 24.18s 29-Apr Personal Best 1019pts
Sandra Konadu Asibuo 24.32s 11-Jan Personal Best 1005pts
Shawkia Iddrisu 24.33s 22-Apr 1004pts
Juanita Mainoo 23.35s (3.3 m/s) 13-May
Josephine Anokye 23.50s (3.2 m/s) 22-Apr
Suzie Acolatse 23.83s (2.9 m/s) 7-May
Safia Bright 23.98s (3.3 m/s) 6-May

Akua Obeng-Akrofi 52.47s 26-May Personal Best 1109pts
Vivian Mills 53.01s 8-Apr 1088pts
Akua Obeng-Akrofi 53.36s 31-Mar 1075pts
Rafiatu Nuhu 53.53s 3-Jun Personal Best 1068pts
Shawkia Iddrisu 54.13s 17-Mar 1046pts
Bless Dupeh 54.69s 14-May 1025pts
Grace Obuor 54.70s 3-Jun Personal Best 1024pts
Hajuaha Braimah 54.81s 10-Jan Personal Best 1021pts
Vida Ayiglo 54.94s 3-Jun Personal Best 1016pts
Agnes Abrocquah 54.96s 6-May 1015pts
Marian Pomaa 55.34s 10-Jan Personal Best 1001pts
Janet Amponsah 55.49s 11-Feb Personal Best
Agnes Abu 55.66s 1-Apr Personal Best
Agnes Abrocquah 55.89s 8-Apr

Agnes Abu 2.02.70m 14-Apr Personal Best 1114pts
Martha Bissah 2.06.05m 29-Apr 1057pts
Patience Akwangoba 2.12.78m 10-Jan Personal Best 946pts

Agnes Abu 4.17.75m 21-Apr National Record 1068pts
Rita Kyere 4.25.74m 3-Jun Personal Best 1008pts
Hawa Kombat 4.26.75m 3-Jun Personal Best 1002pts
Martha Bissah 4.27.12m 25-Mar Personal Best 998pts
Sakat Lariba 4.31.18m 15-Apr 969pts
Mary Baboaut 4.33.43m 3-Jun Personal best 952pts
Fatima Somuah 4.38.50m 15-Apr Personal Best 916pts

One Mile
Agnes Abu 4.43.61m 19-Feb National Record 1023pts
Martha Bissah 4.49.93m 18-Mar Personal Best 980pts

Lydia Mato 9.57.62m 4-Mar 921pts
Martha Bissah 10.13.70m 18-Feb Personal Best 873pts

Lydia Mato 17.24.20m 4-Mar 901pts

Elizabeth Azuure 35.27.30m 3-Jun Personal Best 964pts

Elizabeth Dadzie 13.47s 11-May 1087pts Heptathlete
Elizabeth Dadzie 13.40s (2.8 m/s) 14-May Heptathlete

High Jump
Abigail Kwarteng 1.76m 6-May 984pts
Elizabeth Dadzie 1.67m 11-May Personal Best 897pts Heptathlete

Long Jump
Elizabeth Dadzie 6.34m 12-May Personal Best 1073pts Heptathlete
Nadia Eke 6.17m 8-Apr Personal Best 1036pts
Deborah Acquah 6.15m 13-Apr Personal Best 1031pts
Felicia Frimpong 5.93m 15-Apr Personal Best 983pts
Deborah Acquah 6.31m (5.1 m/s) 27-Apr

Triple Jump
Nadia Eke 13.93m 13-May National Record 1110pts
Deborah Acquah 12.92m 25-Mar 1007pts
Felicia Frimpong 12.47m 4-Mar Personal Best 962pts
Deborah Acquah 12.93m (3.9 m/s) 8-Apr

Shot Put
Claudia Ababio 15.34m 14-Apr National Record 917pts
Myah Antwi 14.55m 17-Mar 868pts
Mary Zuta Narteh 11.90m 3-Jun Personal Best 704pts
Elizabeth Dadzie 11.67m 11-May Personal Best 689pts Heptathlete

Claudia Ababio 55.08m 8-Apr National Record 981pts

Elizabeth Dadzie 40.15m 15-Apr Personal Best 712pts Heptathlete

Emelda Malm-Annan 60.09m 11-May National Record 933pts
Claudia Ababio 57.32m 24-Mar Personal Best 889pts
Effua Ampadu 56.63m 7-Apr 878pts

Elizabeth Dadzie 5832p 12-May Personal Best 1042pts


Emmanuel Yeboah 10.25s 24-May 1122pts
Sean Safo Antwi 10.31s 10-Jan 1102pts
Joseph Paul Amoah 10.39s 14-May Personal Best 1076pts
Solomon Afful 10.46s 15-Apr 1053pts
Joseph Paul Amoah 10.24s (2.5 m/s),
10.24s (2.5 m/s), 10.24s (3.0 m/s) 22-Apr
Solomon Afful 10.41s (5.3 m/s) 7-Apr

Emmanuel Dasor 20.55s 14-May 1135pts
Joseph Paul Amoah 20.80s 5-Mar 1097pts
Solomon Afful 20.85s 15-Apr 1090pts
Sarfo Ansah 20.90s 3-Jun Personal Best 1082pts
Martin Owusu-Antwi 20.95s 28-Jan
Emmanuel Oduro-Mensah 21.06s 15-Apr Personal Best
Joseph Paul Amoah 20.48s (3.3 m/s) 25-Mar

Emmanuel Dasor 45.43s 14-May Personal Best 1150pts
Alex Amankwah 46.65s 24-Mar 1068pts
Samuel Yaro 46.90s 11-Jan Personal Best 1052pts
Daniel Gyasi 47.07s 25-Mar 1041pts
Duncan Nuako 47.22s 11-Jan Personal Best 1031pts
Robert Hayfron 47.40s 11-Jan Personal Best 1019pts
Kwame Donyinah 47.50s 1-Apr
George Effah 47.54s 11-Feb

Alex Amankwah 1.44.80m 19-May National Record 1180pts
Sampson Laari 1.47.34m 22-Apr 1104pts
Samuel Yaro 1.49.06m 3-Jun Personal Best 1054pts
Selasi Lumax 1.49.16m 14-Apr 1051pts

Sampson Laari 3.45.66m 7-Apr 1033pts

One Mile
Sampson Laari 3.58.75m 26-Feb National Record 1091pts

Sampson Laari 8.05.88m 14-Jan National Record 1232pts

Mathew Nantiere 14.26.89m 3-Jun Personal Best 913pts
Malik Yakubu 14.28.82m 3-Jun Personal Best 907pts
William Amponsah 14.29.59m 3-Jun Personal Best 904pts
Kwame Agyei 14.47.96m 18-Mar Personal Best 847pts

Yakabu Ibrahim 14.21s 26-May Personal Best 1028pts

Robert Dwumfour 52.13s 15-Apr 1027pts
Barnabas Dompreh 52.59s 3-Jun Personal Best 1007pts
Baba Seidu 53.28s 3-Jun Personal Best 973pts

Pole Vault
Atsu Nyamadi 4.40m 22-Apr Personal Best 833pts Decathlete

High Jump
Frank Ennin 2.04m 10-Jan Personal Best 949pts
Nana Anti 2.00m 10-Jan Personal Best 914pts
Emmanuel Ampem 2.00m 10-Jan Personal Best 914pts
Obed Ennin 2.00m 19-Feb Personal Best 914pts
Ezekiel Quarshie 2.00m 19-Feb 914pts
Robert Kotei 2.00m 19-Feb 914pts
Gabriel Laar 2.00m 18-Mar Personal Best 914pts

Long Jump
Peter Ackah 7.79m 10-Jan Personal Best 1092pts
Atsu Nyamadi 7.62m 21-Apr Personal Best 1055pts Decathlete
Isaac Nkansah 7.60m 10-Jan 1051pts
Mohammed Abubakar 7.59m 21-Jan 1049pts
Mohammed Abubakar 7.98m (2.1 m/s) 15-Apr

Triple Jump
Precious Attipoe 15.80m 18-Mar Personal Best 1037pts
Samuel Addo 15.77m 15-Apr Personal Best 1034pts
Peter Ackah 15.73m 18-Mar Personal Best 1030pts
Michael Bruce 15.64m 8-Apr 1020pts
Abraham Seaneke 15.60m 26-May Personal Best 1016pts

Shot Put
Atsu Nyamadi 14.46m 18-Feb Personal Best 792pts Decathlete

Atsu Nyamadi 45.76m 22-Apr Personal Best 800pts Decathlete
Daniel Eshun 45.19m 3-Jun 790pts
Robertson Tay 44.88m 18-Mar Personal Best 784pts

John Ampomah 71.53m 5-Jul 981pts
Benjamin Numo 64.19m 15-Apr 878pts
Nafew Mohammed 62.20m 15-Apr Personal Best 850pts
Emmanuel Gyefa 61.81m 18-Feb 844pts
Atsu Nyamadi 7811p 22-Apr National Record 1098pts


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