As part of our ongoing coverage of Ghana Athletics, we have produced the latest rankings of performances by Ghanaian athletes both home and abroad. The present publication focuses on performances by male athletes as of 11 May, 2021.

The rankings relied on data from athletics tracking website tilastopaja, results from the Ghana Athletics Association’s organised competitions on 27th March and 5th May 2021 and the Ghana’s Fastest Human on 20th March.

The rankings features highlights of major performances and not necessarily all performances that were recorded at the events. US based Benjamin Kwaku Azamati tops the rankings in the 100m and 200m events while home based Raymond French holds the enviable position as the top 400m runner with 46.86s while another home based athlete Jeff Hammond is second in the long jump with 7.78m.

We standby for any corrections or additions individuals or organisations may want to make:

Benjamin Azamati  9.97 NR  26 Mar  TexasR Austin TX      
Joseph Paul Amoah   10.28  10 Apr  Greensboro NC     
Emmanuel Yeboah  10.34  27 Mar  TexasR Austin TX     
Joseph Manu  10.46  10 Apr   Greensboro NC     
Desmond Aryee   10.50  7 May   Canyon TX     
Sarfo Ansah  10.54  8 May  Kumasi     
Edwin Kwabla Gadayi  10.57  27 March  Kumasi     
Bryan Sosoo   10.66  24 Apr   Miami FL     
Barnabas Aggerh  10.67  8 May  Kumasi     
Isaac Botsio  10.73  8 May  Kumasi     
Peter Ackah   10.76A  20 Mar   Pue     
Desmond Nartey    10.86  7 May  Springfield MA     
Benjamin Azamati  20.13  8 May   Canyon TX     
Joseph Manu   21.22                   10 Apr  Greensboro NC     
Emmanuel Yeboah   21.28  24 Apr  Baton Rouge LA      
Wallace Aflamah  21.39  27 Mar  Kumasi     
Fuseini Ibrahim  21.53  27 Mar  Kumasi     
Derrick Sarkodie  21.58  27 Mar  Kumasi     
Emmanuel Dasor   21.78   25 Mar  Tallahassee FL     
Peter Ackah   21.96A   10 Apr  Grand Junction CO     
Desmond Aryee   21.99   10 Apr  Lubbock TX     
Raymond French  46.86  27 Mar  Kumasi     
Prince Charles Frimpong  47.12  27 Mar  Kumasi     
Emmanuel Nimo  47.55  27 Mar  Kumasi     
Solomon Diafo  47.56  27 Mar  Kumasi     
Joseph Paul Amoah   47.64  3 Apr  Towson MD     
Duncan Agyemang   47.65  24 Apr  Orlando FL     
Martin Owusu-Antwi  48.02  3 Apr  Towson MD     
Alex Amankwah   1:48.37   1 May  Charlottesville VA     
Duncan Agyemang   52.38  29 Apr  Jacksonville FL     
Roland Amarteifio   14.29   2 Apr  Jacksonville FL     
Long Jump           
  Abubakar Mohammed     7.94m  27 Mar  Bradenton FL      
Jeff Hammond   7.78m  27 Mar  Kumasi
Abraham Seaneke   7.69A   19 Mar  Canyon TX 
Peter Ackah   7.34m  3 Apr  Ganyon TX 
Atsu Nyamadi  7.23m    2 Apr  Bowling Green KY 


Triple Jump           
Peter Ackah   15.12Am  2 May  Pueblo CO     
Martin Etsey   15.06m  7 May  Owensboro KY      
            Ghana  GHA      2h1  WorldR  Chorzów   
        Sean Safo-Antwi, Benjamin Azamati, Joseph Manu, Joseph Amoah 


38.79  1 May 


World Relays Chorzów  




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