Participants at the EducationUSA College Fair 2022 have expressed their satisfaction with the event held at the Labadi Beach Hotel, from Friday, September 16 to Saturday, September 17, 2022. 

Hundreds of prospective undergraduate and graduate applicants as well as guardians and parents took part in the event which was being held again after the Covid situation in 2020. 

The fair was made all the more important due to the presence of about 40 American Universities whose representatives fielded questions from the participants as well as provided brochures and contact cards.  

There was also the break-out sessions made up of 15-minute presentations by EDUSA Fair officials as well as answering questions from the interest parties. 

In the sweltering heat at the Labadi Beach Hotel, a recent graduate of the Methodist University Ghana, Edem Raymond told was satisfied with the conduct of the event.

“It has been very helpful for me. This is not the first time I am on embarking on such a programme. It is good. I have asked questions and so far the answers have been fruitful and when I go home I will work on them.”

A female University graduate, Melanie Naa Amaa Lokko. 

“I came not long ago. I was ok with the answers they gave to the questions I asked. I am still going to other places (booths) to ask questions. If I am satisfied, I will leave but if not I will stay here till whenever they close,” she said. 

Asked about the sought of questions she sought answers to, she said:

“Most of the questions I have asked centered on whether application fees for the schools are moderate or whether there are no application fees because I wouldn’t want to apply to a school where they will not admit me. Also, I want to know the grade points they require. Some of them were saying if you get 2.5 you can be admitted but others said if you get 3.5 you can get a scholarship based on your GPA.” 

Another participant told that it would be a dream come true to gain an American education.

“At least it comes with the prestige. In Ghana when you start a business, it helps to have some outside experience. I also want to explore. I want to know more about what is going on there and adjust to their culture and add to my CV.”

For Frank Opara, the fair was an eye-opener.

“I tried to inquire into a school where I can get a scholarship. I prefer an MBA course and so far I have spoken to a couple of them. It is good. At least I now understand the processes and how I can apply.”

“It is due to the exposure. Even though our education is good here in Ghana when you go out there normally their education is more hands-on and practical. You can have intentions and get much exposure in your field of study.”

EducationUSA is a U.S. Government-sponsored network of 450 centers in 170 countries around the globe. According to the organisers, EDUSA is “mandated to provide comprehensive, current, accurate and impartial information on U.S. higher education, and guide qualified individuals in order to be successful applicants.”


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