Social media has reacted to news about former Ghanaian great Sammy Osei Kuffour that he sold weed, worked as a shoeshine boy and engaged in other misdeeds during his youth. 

Kuffour’s revelation came after he was asked about his ambition to become a Pastor in a 2003 interview with the BBC World Service. 

in the latest interview with Erasmus Kwaw, the former Bayern Munich great explained he had always harboured a desire to serve God and to win souls for Christ as his gratitude to the Almighty for turning his life around. 

Ex-Ghana and Bayern Munich player reveals how he sold weed to survive & ambition to become a pastor – YouTube

One social media writer, Williams Owusu, expressed his joy at the news by stating, “Amen in Jesus’ name… May God continue to bless you and your household… May his words in your heart be manifest by the Power of the Blood of Jesus…” 

RN wrote, Great legend while Issac stated ” This is a great motivation for the youth.”

On the other hand, a Ghanaweb user Joko praised Kuffour for being one of the greatest African footballers of all time. 

“As a Naija man I don’t believe every story I hear but one fact that cannot be disputed here is that Samuel Osei Kuffour is one of the greatest humans of African descent that played football. Fantastic defender, he was in his prime. I am happy he is living a good life. 

There were also some interesting comments such as the ones from a Ghanaweb user by the name DR Wontumi who questioned the accuracy of the story by claiming Ajoa Korkor’s overdose affecting Tuga. At the age of 13 years, you were playing for the Black Starlets and King Faisal, so at what age did Sammy Kuffour start selling? Another user by the name Lewis posted, “Massa we all sold weed, coke, or crack once in our lives. lol. Gotta survive mannnggg. 

But a Ghanaweb user by the name Gee Buster reacted to the Ajoa Korkor Overdose affecting Tuga’s claims by confirming aspects of Sammy’s narration.  

Gee Buster

on May 2, 13:27

Re: AJOA KORKOR OVERDOSE AFFECTING TUGAI used to live in the same neighborhood as Sammy Kuffour. In Ghana, no one checks your ID when buying alcohol. I used to buy cigarettes and gin for grown-ups before I turned 10 years and sometimes they would ask you to light it up. That’s how most of my friends learned how to smoke. They used to sell weed at a public toilet that was just opposite the house Kuffour lived in so everything he’s saying is true. The only thing is that he was a little older than the age he was given to start his football career.

A user by name, Weed Smoker, shockingly claimed to have bought weed from Sammy Kuffour in 1993 by which time the Ghana defender was already plying his trade in Europe. 

Weed smoker on May 2, 10:50

Re: I remember buying weed from this guy I think it was around 1993 or something. whenever I and my boys wanted to smoke the hard shit we contacted Sammy Kuffour… he then often joined us smoking 1 or 2 joints

Meanwhile, GTV’s LifeStyle’s Heart and Soul programme is set to air a clip of the interview with Sammy Kuffour in the coming weeks. The Heart and Soul programme explores the relationship between Sports and faith. 




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