The renowned international Evangelist, Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh has cautioned footballers to stay away from spiritism because of its destructive impact on the life of its adherents on LifeStyle TV’s Heart and Soul programme hosted by Erasmus Kwaw.

Heart and Soul has in the past year interviewed ex-footballers who gave chilling accounts of how young footballers from the ages of 10 -14 years were initiated into spiritism during the colts football era.

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Heart and Soul has heard alarming accounts from a former Minister of Youth and Sports Hon. Nii Lantey Vanderpuye who revealed how he was made to sleep at the cemetery and bathed in water used on dead bodies; former Ghana U-17 captain Emmanuel Bentil claimed to have seen maame water spirit (marine spirit) at the Korle Gonnor beach during his colt football days; former Black Stars players Rev. Awuley Quaye Jnr., Rev. Osei Kofi and Godfried Aduobe equally confessed to using juju to aid their careers before eventually committing their lives to Jesus Christ.

Dr. Tetteh revealed the practice of black magic, divination, witchcraft, and sorcery in football has dire consequences for adherents including footballers.

“I am saying this with a lot of caution and sadness in me but a lot of our Black Stars boys who could not make it to the top was because they concentrated on the spirits than training on the field,” he claimed.

He shared his own experience about how he was initiated into a foreign religion during his colts football days in Ghana.

In a LifeStyle TV promotional video trailer, Rev. Dr. Tetteh could be heard chanting in mystical language, as he put it, to demonstrate his knowledge of the said religion.

“…Om Shanti, Shanti. Why am I chanting? It’s just to prove a point to you that I know what I am talking about,” he said.

The Founder of Worldwide Miracle Outreach said he had had opportunities to pray for some players of the senior national team in the past who continue to suffer the effect of what he called over-exposure to the dark side during their playing days.

He alleged that many footballers continue to feel the impact of their exposure to the dark side even today as they battle issues in their marriages and life generally.

He told show host, Erasmus Kwaw, that many young footballers including some in the Black Starlets and Black Stars have been victims of the practice and have not lived to their full potential in their careers as a result.

“Foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? You started well in the spirit and now you have ended in the flesh. Most of our boys and girls have come from nowhere: picked from the dungeons, had no hope. There were singing the song, “Onyame sunsum sanbra oooo, sanbra bey3 wo adwuma. Onyame sunsum sanbra bra ooo san bey3 wo adwuma (Holy Ghost fill us again, Come and do a work in us).

“These were the things God used to build the soccer up. And all of a sudden when the doors get opened, they foolishly leave their God. And that is why most people….Look at the Under 17s, where do they end up?

Dr. Tetteh’s revelations come after similar statements about spiritism in football recently by former Minister of Youth and Sports Nii Lantey Vanderpuye, renowned broadcaster Kwabena Yeboah, ex-Black Starlet 1995 captain Emmanuel Bentil and ex-Black Star midfielder Derek Boateng.

In most cases, the parents of the young footballers were not made aware of the initiating rights perpetrated on their children by colts football owners, coaches, and supporters.

Heart and Soul is telecast every Saturday at 11:00 am, and replays on Fridays at 3:30 pm on LifeStyle TV.


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