UK-based Ghanaian archer Benjamin Shardow is making history representing Ghana at the 13th African Archers Championship in Nabeul, Tunisia from 7th to 12th November. 

“Representing Ghana feels amazing. It is such an honour to represent my country at this level,” he told

Nabeul 2023 also serves as a qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympics because archery is not part of the events for the African Games set to be staged in Ghana next year. 

“I started archery at Coventry University in the U.K., and have continued to do so since graduation. 

He told us about his objectives for the African Championships. 

“I’m hoping to make steady improvements in how I shoot, as well s build a strong team in Ghana.”

The competition brings together a record 94 archers from 20 countries. The competition  includes two events: classical archery (70m), qualifying for the Olympic Games, and compound archery (50m). Significantly, two Paralympic archers from Algeria and Senegal are taking part in the championship.

According to the event organisers, the finalists and winners of the gold and silver medals will qualify for the Olympic Games if they reach the Olympic minimum of 640 points in the various World Archery Tournaments.

In addition, the team that wins the mixed doubles will also qualify for the Olympic Games, as the quota reserved for Africa is 6 archers (2 boys and 2 girls in the individual event and 2 in the mixed doubles who have reached the minimum).

Archery is fast becoming popular sport in Africa, with 32 countries affiliated to the African and International Archery Federations.



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