Usain Bolt: My start is killing me


bolt stumblesSponsored by Ethiopian Airlines, London 2017.

Usain Bolt knew he needed to improve on his start to get any realistic chance of winning the men’s 100m gold at London 2017.

The warning signs were on the wall as he struggled to win his first heat and when he was beaten by America’s Christian Coleman in the semi finals.

In the final, Cole started off on a flier with Bolt playing catch up, before Justin Gatlin came from behind to snatch gold in 9.92s. Coleman took second in 9.94s while Bolt settled for third with 9.95s.

The Olympic was left to rue his missed opportunity to cement his legacy.

“My start is killing me. Normally it gets better during the rounds but it didn’t come together. And that is what killed me. I felt it was there.

“It was rough. A little bit stressed. But I came out like at any other championships and I did my best. Thanks for the support. I could never expect this from any other crowd. They are what pushed me to do my best.

Despite missing out on gold, Bolt was the most celebrated athlete out of the top 3 medal winners in the 100m at the Queen Elizabeth stadium.

“This place is wonderful and I appreciate this crowd so much. It is just one of those things. Thank you to London for all your love and appreciation.

“It (the atmosphere) was wonderful. I knew they would come out. I’m just disappointed I couldn’t do better for them but that’s how it goes sometimes.

“The support has been outstanding throughout the years.”


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